What Amazing Books Face Mask--Black

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  • L/XL (typically adult size) - 8.75" X 5.5"
  • S/M (typically children's size) - 7.5” X 4.5"
  • Adjustable ear loops with transparent silicon cord stoppers for custom sizing
  • Sides can be gathered for a more custom fit (see attached sample pic) 
  • Includes a 5-pack of self-adhesive nose crimps for a better fit around nose and less glass fogging (can be adhered to inside or outside of mask, typically stays on through several times of washing mask by hand - see attached pic) 
  • Slip-through pocket for carbon filter (filter included)
  • Washable and reuseable
  • Sublimation all-over printed product
  • Fabric layer 1 (printed layer) - 210 GSM (82% polyester, 18% spandex); Layer 2 - 320 GSM jersey fabric (73% polyester, 22% viscose, 5% elastane)

FREE Shipping! Mask designs are composed digitally by us then custom printed and sewn in our partner factory in London, England. Items are generally received by customers 2-3 weeks after ordering (see shipping timeline below), but delivery times may be increased periodically due to USPS service delays. We appreciate your understanding.

**Please note, this mask is intended for general everyday use (not medical grade), and we make no claims about its effectiveness in preventing infection or disease. Please understand that for safety reasons, face masks cannot be returned or exchanged (however, a replacement can be sent in the rare case of a production/printing error). 


Most adults will prefer the L/XL size. The S/M size is usually a better fit for children. Please see the attached photo for a size comparison with a disposable mask. If you wear a disposable mask fully expanded or stretched, an L/XL will be a better fit for you.


Masks are typically delivered in 2-3 weeks (though USPS delays could extend these times periodically). Below is a general breakdown of the production and shipping timelines.

Step 1: A digital version of each of our mask designs was previously uploaded to our partner factory in London, England. When you complete your order on our store, your mask will enter the production phase and will be printed and sewn at that factory. (Production phase: 2-5 business days)

Step 2: When your mask is ready, it will be sealed in a shipping envelope and the attached USPS label will be scanned (you will see a “pre-shipment” notification at this point).

Step 3: All of the individual shipping envelopes completed on a particular business day will then be bulk-shipped via FedEx to the partner factory’s US office in California. That office will transfer each package to the post office in their town for final routing to your address. (Transfer from London factory to California office then to their post office: 2-5 business days)

Step 4: Your package will be scanned by that post office and will follow the normal USPS delivery route to your location (USPS shipping phase: Whatever the typical transit time is to your address from California)

IMPORTANT: The “pre-shipment” designation that appears on your tracking number when your package is first scanned at the London factory will not show a change until it is scanned again by the California post office 2-5 business days later. Be assured, however, that your package is actually en route from the London factory to its California office during that time, and once it is scanned by their post office, it will be delivered to most US destinations within a few days.  :-)